A week to catch my breath

Constituency week brought a definite change in the pace here at Queen’s Park.  The first few weeks in Kevin’s office were fairly hectic as we set out to arrange an innovative and groundbreaking project for the months ahead.  That involved a lot of time on the phone talking to stakeholders about what we are proposing.  This week was a lot quieter.  Short term day to day projects and office admin occupied my time this week.  I did, however, travel to Kevin’s constituency office in Oakville on Wednesday.  Kevin has a great team there and it was a pleasure to meet Ellen and Nancy.  Along with Steven and Glenn, Kevin has a really good group of people around him who provide integral support and political insight that Kevin makes the most of.  As I’ve said in past posts, constituency work is a real eye opener and completely different animal to our usual work at Queen’s Park.  A day in the Oakville office reaffirmed what I already knew about Kevin and the way he does politics: his constituents come first, he’ll do all he can to help people and organizations in his riding and he does not engage in partisan politics.  We could all learn a lot from such an approach to life in the political fast lane.


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