Interns meet Peter Mansbridge!

This past monday we had the opportunity to meet with The National’s Peter Mansbridge.
Getting to see the CBC headquarters on Front Street was pretty exciting, especially for a bunch of interns with a slight addiction to the National’s “At Issue” Pannel.
Despite being a commanding presence on television, Mr. Mansbridge was soft spoken and thoughtful as he answered our questions on the role of the Media in our province, our country and abroad.
Although Mr. Mansbridge was careful to remain completely neutral with his answers – a dance we interns have become quite familliar with – he spent considerable time explaining how the CBC functions within Canada, and the important job that reporters do in keeping the country informed.
I really enjoyed the meeting. I got to see a side to Mr. Mansbridge that I never knew existed. A quiet, thoughtful man with humble beginnings and an incredibly impressive journalistic career.

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