The excitement of the Government Caucus Office

Because the Member I am working for this placement is the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, our offices are at the Ministry, which is a solid ten-minute walk from the main legislative building. This means that whenever I come up to Queen’s Park, I inevitably spend a good deal of time in the Government Caucus office – a place, I have discovered, that is full of excitement. Without divulging any party secrets, it would be safe to say that the office is a hub of activity – Members and their staff are always coming and going, bells for a vote are being rung, Member’s visitors will mistake me for someone who actually knows what’s going on and ask me for directions or to pass along messages. And occasionally there’s even a fire alarm. Many afternoons I will set up at one of the computers in the office and try to get work done while I wait for Khalil to finish up in the House before we sit down to discuss any issues for the day. With all the activity and excitement of the office though, work sometimes takes a back seat…

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