Diego’s First Week

The first week of my OLIP experience felt like one of the longest of my life, but for all the right reasons. Though the work week itself was only three days in length, my efforts to get to the first day of the internship had begun many days before. I had just moved in to my new residency in the provincial capital on Labour Day weekend and was immensely great fully to the programme coordinators for allowing us an extra day to settle in the city before the long awaited first day at Queen’s Park.

Finally, Wednesday morning arrived and with it my fellow internship colleagues from around the province. On the very first day we had a full schedule ahead of us, and as interns, we only had tidy outfits and briefcases filled with questions and expectations. The remainder of the first week was equally high pace and energetic for the most part, attending basic orientation briefings and meeting OLIP Alumni and staff. We had the great pleasure of meeting the Honourable Steve Peters, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, whom welcomed us into his beautiful corner office and opened the floor to us. This was truly an enjoyable experience. He even let us sit on the Speaker’s chair for photographs!

Overall, my OLIP expectations had begun to be filled on the initial week of the internship – I can hardly wait to find out what the rest of my time in the programme will bring.


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