Sylvia Pena’s First Week

If you had asked me a year ago what I would be doing this September, I would never have guessed that I would be living in Toronto and working at Queen’s Park! But here I am.

I remember sending in my application, being invited for an interview and finally the interview itself. The interview was quite an intimidating process, a panel of people asking you questions, judging you and writing things down. I left with mixed feelings reviewing the answers in my head over and over again on my way home. A few days later I received a call from Dr. Jacek offering me an internship position! I cannot explain how excited and happy I was. All summer I kept thinking about the internship. What were the other interns like? Who would I work for? What new experiences and adventures would this year bring? I could not wait to start.

Finally the day had arrived. Dr. Jacek and Eithne greeted us by the West doors of the Whitney Block and led us through the maze like structure into the intern office. Over the next three days, we had the opportunity to reintroduce ourselves and learn more about this incredible opportunity. On our second day we had the chance to meet with Speaker Steve Peters. It was so interesting to listen to his stories and talk about his career. It was a very surreal feeling to be meeting with him in his office in the legislature. Throughout the week we also had the opportunity to meet Meghan Warby and Jim Coyle. Both speakers were very informative and I really enjoyed listening to their stories. I look forward to our meetings this week and throughout the year.

I am so excited for everything that this year will bring. I look forward to the election, and learning what MPPs we will be working for, for our mini placements, all the great people we will have the opportunity to meet, and all the friendships we will form over the course of the year. I feel so privileged to be a 2011-12 intern and cannot express how excited I am for this year to get rolling.


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