Meeting Arleigh Holder

One of my favourite parts of orientation so far has been getting to learn more about the Legislature and the talented staff who work there. We had the pleasure to meet with Mr. Arleigh Holder, the Director of Broadcast and Recording Services at the Legislative Assembly and an OLIP Honorary Intern. Arleigh started by showing us the broadcast studio, where Members and some outside groups can hold press conferences in a neutral setting.

It was great to finally see behind the ‘magic curtain’ of the Leg. We got the opportunity to see a control booth for one of the committee rooms, the central command centre for broadcasting, and our first glimpse into the Assembly from the Speaker’s Gallery. In one of the coolest moments, Arleigh showed us the attic above the chamber, where the lights in the chandeliers can be changed (there’s also a fantastic view of the city). I enjoyed hearing more about the important work the broadcast division does in making the chamber more accessible to Ontarians, both online and on cable. They play an essential role in supporting the Hansard transcribers, and I know I’m certainly looking forward to watching the feed from the new HD cameras. Thanks to Arleigh for sharing his considerable experience and knowledge with us; we’re looking forward to seeing him around the Legislature.


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