Meeting Lynton “Red” Wilson

Meeting Lynton "Red" Wilson

During the second week of orientation, we met with Lynton Red Wilson. I did my due diligence on Mr. Wilson’s background before the meeting and was tremendously impressed by the leadership positions he has held in both the public and private sectors. I went into our meeting with three questions: what did Mr. Wilson think about the debt crisis in Europe; how had Bell changed since his time there; and, what are five books he thought we should read.

To our surprise, Mr. Wilson was very interested in knowing what we were thinking about as young people; what we worried about and what we got excited about in politics, communication, and current issues. We discussed provincial energy issues and the incredible speed of change in the late-twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Moreover, we were encouraged to think about how the world might look in the future and how politics and public service should be considered seriously as career options.

I think that I can speak on behalf of all ten interns in saying that we were in awe of Mr. Wilson’s professional yet approachable demeanor, and his big ideas about the world. To return to my earlier comment about the three questions that I entered the meeting with… let’s just say that I left with more questions than I had started with!


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