Meeting Sponsor Ipsos

John Wright of Ipsos

In our discussion with John Wright of Ipsos Reid, we were able to get an in depth look into polling and election statistics, and to meet an extremely successful OLIP alumnus. Mr. Wright met with us several hours prior to the release of the first election figures from Ipsos since the writ dropped on September 7th. We learned about some of the different work that Ipsos does in public versus private sectors, and the important judgment calls that pollsters are required to make. One topic that was very interesting was polling results in the media. Mr. Wright cautioned against daily polling, which we learned is actually a indicator of sampling error rather than significant shifts in public sentiment. We were interested to hear more about manipulations of polling data because we have discussed the changing nature of media coverage throughout our orientation sessions. We have learned about the ways in which a televised legislative arena has led to entertaining sound bites, and emphasis on personality and party leaders. As we grapple with this question of whether new forms of media coverage are simplifying political discourse and public engagement, we also need to think about the implications of public polling and the integrity of the major players in politics and political coverage.


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