A busy week – Mini Placement with Ipsos

What a week! Monday was our first day on the job, and by Tuesday we had already worked a 13-hour day. But what an experience it was! Tuesday was an exciting day for us. It was the night of the provincial debate between party leaders. Monika and I had been asked to read over some of the questions that would be asked pre and post debate, double check that there were no mistakes and check the links to ensure they were working. It was surreal when Global TV began to report on the questions we had seen earlier that day. In the evening, we watched the debate with a few of our colleagues in the lunchroom and enjoyed some delicious sushi. It was so interesting to see the post debate results and to watch the news coverage on what our team had been working on.

The day after, John Wright, a former intern and senior vice president of Ipsos Reid, invited us to watch as reporters interviewed him on the previous evenings results. Later that day, he invited us into his office, where he shared some very interesting insight into political polling and the federal and provincial elections. He was fascinating to listen to and had an impressive collection of pictures in his office with various high profile politicians he had met in the past.

So far it has been an incredible experience and I look forward to the excitement leading up to the election.


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