Diego on his Mini Placement with Sponsor IBAO

Well, it goes without saying that this is not your regular OLIP year…it’s election year. This means from September 7th to October 6th there are technically no MPPs at Queen’s Park, as former MPPs become candidates (if they are seeking re-election). Considering this election has been heavily contested –to say the least– there is a realistic possibility for a split minority which could open the flood gates to a coalition agreement to govern. Regardless of the actual election results, Ontario is likely to wait until November to see its new government sitting in the Assembly. What does it all mean for the interns? Well, we have no MPPs to play with ’till then!

Thankfully OLIP administrators have it all figured out and they have friends in high places. We have been welcomed to work in the offices of some of the sponsors of the internship programme. I was fortunate to be placed at the headquarters of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO). The IBAO represents more than 11,500 independent insurance brokers throughout Ontario and they play an important role within the insurance industry and to government regarding a number of policy-related issues that affect consumers and brokers alike.

The staff at IBAO has been very receptive of my intrusion thus far. I was put to work in the Director of Operations’ office on my first day, and by day two I was already occupying the CEO’s corner office. I thought I was being rewarded for my outstanding 8 hours of labour, but it turned out there weren’t any other computers available at the time and the big boss was away at a conference lol.  I have since worked in cubicles, the mail office, the lunch room, the boardroom, and I am slowly making my way to the reception. All kidding aside, I’ve already had a chance to do some Government Relations work for the office –as IBAO prepares for some of the changes at Queen’s Park that may result from the election. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet with the consultant firm hired by IBAO to handled Provincial relations AND there are talks about me visiting the consultant office for Federal relations in Ottawa! So I gotta say, first week at the work place: so far so good!!


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