Meeting Ryan Clarke of Advocacy Solutions

The interns received our very own training on advocacy from Mr. Ryan Clarke, the president of Advocacy Solutions, a company that provides effective advocacy based services for organizations and individuals.

This training was about dissecting the art of advocacy with a check-list of things to do in order to effectively convey your message to the government. I really enjoyed this session because he turned this vague concept into an action plan with a clear beginning and an end. The “end” is when your goal is accomplished.

And what’s the strategy in between? Act like a two-year old.

Mr. Clarke shared a wealth of information with the interns on communication, timing, and other strategies. But his admiration for two-year-olds who are at the peak of harnessing effective advocacy skills shed light on advocacy in its rawest and most powerful form. Next time you are with a two-year-old who wants juice, try and refuse the drink and you will see what Mr. Clarke’s is saying about magic of “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”.


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