“When can you start?”: OLIP Interns at the New MPP Orientation

On Wednesday, October 26th, my fellow intern Monika and I, along with Programme Administrator Eithne Whaley, represented OLIP at an orientation and information session for rookie MPPs at Queen’s Park. We were accompanied by staff from the Legislative Library, the Research and Information Services Branch, the Legislative Security Service, and the Precinct Properties Branch, all of whom offered invaluable information about the services available to MPPs at Queen’s Park.

We set up shop at a table in the West Wing of the Legislature, armed with the most recent version of the OLIP magazine and intern application packages for MPPs. Rookie Members filed in one by one, stopping to have their security pass pictures taken and chat with each of the representatives at the information stations. Monika and I provided the MPPs with a brief overview of the Programme and a description of the kind of work in which interns engage, and notified them of the application process for getting an intern.

All of the MPPs that attended the orientation accepted an application package and expressed interest in the Programme. Some Members were particularly enthusiastic about OLIP, especially when we notified them that we are paid by the Programme, not by their individual offices. One MPP excitedly asked “When can you start?”, mirroring the interns’ eagerness to get straight to work as the Legislature returns in the coming weeks. Monika and I had to reluctantly inform them that there are only ten of us, and the competition among MPPs for highly-qualified interns is fierce!

Wednesdays orientation proved to be an excellent opportunity to promote OLIP and meet rookie MPPs as they settle in at Queen’s Park.


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