Craig: Of Potholes and Patties

n”: address the concerns of some local seniors about an uneven sidewalk. Mike took the matter into his own hands, which is how I found myself shaking pothole filler into the hole as Mike pounded it down with a shovel. What a great introduction to the intimately local level of provincial politics – enhanced by the fact that he knew at least half of the people who walked by while we were doing this.

It was a great chance to start seeing the diversity of his Toronto riding. Having gone to the University of Toronto, I must admit that my conception of Toronto used to end just north of Bloor Street – but after seeing everywhere from Lawrence & Dufferin to Eglinton & Caledonia, I’m starting to realize the incredible socio-economic and cultural differences within the riding.

Another notable stop we made was at Randy’s, which I’m told has the best Jamaican patties in Toronto. After eating two of them, I can attest that they’re pretty incredibly delicious, with a good amount of spicy fire that left my lips tingling. Seeing Mike transition easily from meeting Italian seniors to joking with the staff at Randy’s has given me a taste of the lifestyle of a high-calibre politician, who seems to be ubiquitous and recognizable all over his riding.

Needless to say, my day was the envy of the entire intern cohort, and I’m looking forward to even more days like it (although next time, some of the constituency’s Italian food may have to be on the menu!).


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