Keeping Warm in Yellowknife with Canada Goose

The Ontario Legislature Internship Programme is pleased to announce that Canada Goose donated ten high-end, expedition parkas for our comparative study trip to the Northwest Territories.

Just a few weeks before we took off for eight days in Yellowknife, I approached Kevin Spreekmeester, VP Global Marketing, and Melissa Millerson, Marketing Coordinator, at Canada Goose to propose a new partnership with the legislative interns. We were absolutely delighted when Canada Goose agreed to donate ten Resolute Parkas, the “industrial parka of the North,” to outfit the interns on our eight day trip to the North (see link

Canada Goose joined OLIP at an exciting time. We were setting off for meetings at the Legislative Assembly in Yellowknife as part of our comparative study tour to learn about consensus-style government. Thanks to our warm coats, we were able to brave the temperatures that plunged as low as -37 to explore the town in our evenings and weekends. Not only did we trek across Frame Lake for our meetings, we also found the time (and courage) to try dog-sledding and snowmobiling, and to view the northern lights. We were pretty ecstatic when we realized our parkas could keep out the wind during our photo shoots, which happened to take place on ice roads in the blistering cold. Not only did they keep us warm, the iconic jackets also meant that we matched and were easily identified wherever we went.

We are grateful to Canada Goose for their generous donation and look forward to wearing our new coats again in the future… winter camping anyone?