Meeting the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ontario

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario invited us for a
tour of their historic headquarters at 69 Bloor St. East – a fantastic building, a hidden gem in downtown Toronto. Not only were we treated to a tour and lunch, we enjoyed presentations by various members of the Institute. We learned about the ICAO’s recruitment strategy, which left more than one intern wishing they could go back in time and become a CA! We also spent some time discussing the disciplinary measures that are available in order to protect the integrity of the profession – both for clients and members. The ‘hottest’ topic however had to be the ongoing merger discussions between the Certified General Accountants of Ontario and Certified Management Accountants of Ontario. Unifying the accounting profession in Canada will certainly help pose a more united front to all levels of government on various public affairs issues. The OLIP interns will follow these developments with interest. Thank you to the ICAO and Director of Government Relations, Christopher May, for remaining such strong supporters of the OLIP program!


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