Making The Move East: Gillian

Today was my first day as an intern in the Ontario Legislature Internship Program. It was great to finally meet all the interns. We had been interacting over the summer via Facebook and email, but face to face interaction is always best. It is important to note that the provincial internship program has interns participating from across the country, not just Ontario. I’m from Manitoba, so it will be an interesting comparison in political culture and issues between the two provinces.

We covered a lot of ground that will take a few days for all of it to sink in. Etiquette, dress code, paper topics and so much more was covered. The numerous components of this program ensure that the nine other interns and I build skill sets that help us further our career prospects, whatever those may be. Hearing Dr. Jacek talk about all the different opportunities previous interns have had and the amount of times they changed jobs was reassuring. It is good to know that this program opens up many different paths in the public, non-profit and profit sectors for interns to take and to change their minds.

The big highlights of the day for me were getting the security pass with my picture on it and sitting in on the Public Accounts Committee hearing about the Ornge affair. I did an International Relations degree for my undergrad, so I am looking forward to this crash course in Canadian, parliamentary and provincial politics. The committee process is quite intricate and requires many bodies for it to function properly.

I was nervous and excited this morning on my trek from Corktown to Queen’s Park. This internship came at the perfect time since I do not know exactly where I want my Political Studies degree to take me. I am looking forward to getting practical experience working for MPP’s but also networking with sponsors and other stakeholders.

All in all it was a great first day and I cannot wait for the meetings we have scheduled this week!

Gillian Hanson is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She did her undergraduate work at the University of Manitoba.


One thought on “Making The Move East: Gillian

  1. Ashley Queen says:

    Hey Gill! Thanks for posting this link – I’m looking forward to hearing more about what you’re doing! Thanks for sharing!

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