The Excitement Begins For Joshua

My first day experiencing this internship was certainly one like no other. To begin, the 8:45am start was a bit misleading, given how wide awake and excited I was well before the sun actually rose. Thankfully, this gave me more than enough time to prepare for the day by scrolling through the previous day’s news! It also allowed me to leave early, granting me time to stroll around the main legislative building and the surrounding parks on the way to work. I’ve always found parliamentary buildings interesting, knowing the work that takes place just behind those doors matters to so many people. Seeing the building in front of me, and thinking that I would be experiencing and contributing in some small way to that important work was a terrific start to the internship.

In no time at all we were taken into the building to have our photos taken for security tags. This was definitely the point in time when the job really sunk in. Before long, my fellow nine interns and myself were seated in a room and in meetings for the better part of the day. Our director, Dr. Henry Jacek, proceeded to give us a wonderful sense of what we might expect in the coming days of orientation and the rest of the year in general. By the end of the day, I think we all realized how lucky we were to be in this position. Dr. Jacek emphasized that these next ten months might be thought of as a treadmill with a slowly increasing speed. While the first day may not have been jam-packed with the type of meetings and work we’re more likely to encounter later on, the opening day of the internship struck an exciting chord. In getting to meet the rest of the interns and in getting a stronger sense of the work we’ll be doing, the first day only served to reinforce my morning excitement. Let the next day begin!

Joshua Borden is originally from Cornwall, Ontario. He did his undergraduate work at Queen’s University and completed a Master’s degree at Wilfrid Laurier University.


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