Andrea’s Expectations Are Met On Her First Day

What an amazing feeling it is to wait for something for so long, only to have it arrive and be more than you could have ever expected! Today was our first official day as the Queen’s Park interns, something that many of us have been anxiously awaiting for months. As I walked up to the East side doors, I could not help feeling like a small fish in a huge pond; will I fit in? Will I do a good job? Am I prepared?

Everything started setting in when we entered a “staff only” section of the legislature to get photos taken for our security passes. If it didn’t seem real before, it certainly did now! Almost immediately we were thrown into the first of our many days of orientation. We all listened intently and jotted down notes as we tried to grasp the many rules and expectations being placed upon us as interns. Some of the things we do will be fun, some will be difficult, and others will truly test the skill sets we have obtained from our academic backgrounds. Already, we have a jam packed two weeks planned to prepare us for our MPP placements; and this isn’t including all the punches we must roll with as elections results and other events threaten to alter the nature of our involvement here.

At the end of the day, the ten of us walked together to our office at Whitney block. It was at this moment that I knew the right people had been picked for our jobs. We are all excited and so honoured to be in the positions that we are. No one complained; no one was scared or nervous. We came together at this moment and decided to make this the best year we could; to do our best no matter what challenges are placed upon us. I could not be happier to be a part of this amazing group. Here’s to an amazing year ahead!

Andrea Ernesaks is originally from Ottawa, Ontario. She did both her undergraduate work and Master’s degree at Western University.


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