Ontario’s Next Top Intern

Cameras flashing, the photographer giving orders, wind blowing, you may be picturing a Canada’s Next Top Model photo shoot, but this is just another day in the life of an Ontario Legislative Intern.  Now, by no means are we professional models: in fact, 98.7% of the photos we took feature at least one intern with at least one eye closed.  Nonetheless we were able to get some good shots of us that we can use for our website and magazine – as well as the lovely headshots you see at the top of our blog here!  Today was a real bonding day for the interns, especially considering our human pyramid picture collapsed miserably and we were left in an embarrassing dog pile in the middle of a public courtyard.  I am sure other pedestrians had just as good as a laugh as we did! Earlier in the morning we had the pleasure of meeting with the Sergeant-At-Arms who has a wonderfully interesting role in the legislature.  We had many questions for him, and were able to learn all about many of the unique functions of the Sergeant-At-Arms.  Today was also super exciting not only because we were able to practice our Tyra Banks poses, but also because we had our first MPP placement interview! The rest of the week looks like it will be just as fantastic, and hopefully less embarrassing!

We made it pretty far…

and then we went tumbling down.


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