If You Stopped By The OLIP Office Last Monday Morning

You would have found 10 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed interns … drinking root beer. Gill’s father generously supplied us with a soda-making machine and so we were treated to glass of the bubbly stuff upon our arrival at the office. I suppose you could say we were bubbling over with excitement…

Apart from making and drinking soda, we spent a good portion of our day interviewing MPPs for our placements. Time not spent interviewing was taken up watching Question Period, working on our papers at the library (with the invaluable help of Research Librarian Rick Sage) and making headway on committee responsibilities. But the highlight of our day was a trip to the office of Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller. After Mr. Miller explained to us his role and the rights that his office upholds as per the Environmental Bill of Rights, we launched into a Q and A. Our discussion touched on a range of subjects, from philosophical questions like whether some areas of the law should operate from a less anthropomorphic perspective and use the environment as the subject of the law, to the more pragmatic question of what individuals can do to reduce their impact on the environment. Mr. Miller’s passion resonated with us and we left feeling a bit more informed about environmental regulation in Ontario, if a bit less optimistic (though still hopeful!) about the future of our planet.

At least the interns can proudly announce that we won’t be wasting plastic soda bottles anymore. We’ve now got our own reusable carbonation sensation. Stop by for a drink sometime!


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