Meeting The Leaders: Premier Dalton McGuinty

As you may already know, throughout our month-long orientation process, we interns keep multiple lists of people we try to be sure to meet. One list was the independent officers (of whom we’ve met most of…stay tuned for the last one upcoming!) Another was the leaders of each party with seats in the legislature. Luckily, this program is so fantastic that such a list is possible, and it was not long before we got to cross off the last name of the leaders list.

Our wonderfully organized orientation period meant that we were able to sit down with the Premier, Dalton McGuinty, during our second week. Mr. Premier was, of course, very busy, but was kind enough to hold an intern-led Question Period of our own for a solid period of time. We heard about what attributes Mr. McGuinty believes are required from a party leader, how he first got involved in politics and what made him decide to eventually run for leader. It was really terrific getting his opinion on the types of characteristics a person can have in order to succeed in public life, from determination to a strong support system of friends and family. It was also great to hear his opinion on the value of question period, and his belief that governments, even his own, should always be held to account. His appreciation for the office was great to see, and it made us appreciate the office and the immense work that goes into it that much more (while perhaps igniting future hopes for some of us!) We thank him very much his time and his thoughtful answers.


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