Anthony Has A Day Of Firsts And Lasts In MPP Rosario Marchese’s Office

Today marked my first day working in an MPP’s office at Queen’s Park. I will be doing my first placement with opposition MPP Rosario Marchese. A member of the NDP caucus, Rosario has served in the Legislature for more than 22 years in both government and opposition roles. In addition to being the member for the riding of Trinity-Spadina in downtown Toronto, Rosario is the critic for urban transportation as well as government affairs. In the morning, I had the opportunity to sit down with him to discuss projects over the upcoming months. I am very much looking forward to working with him on the transit file given my academic background in physics, energy and environment. I understand MPP Marchese is working on improving urban public transit and reforming condominium legislation in Ontario. So, I am confident that the next few months will be very busy – there is much to see and much to learn! Beyond the high level stuff, my first day also consisted of getting settled in a new office environment, meeting the caucus staff, and most importantly, figuring out where the fridge is to house my home-made lunches!

In the evening, I attended my first Churchill Society meeting where I met fellow Board members and was acquainted with the workings of the organization. Essentially the mission of the organization is twofold: (1) advance parliamentary democracy and (2) honour the life of Churchill. While in the midst of discussing the upcoming society banquet, news shockingly erupted that Premier Dalton McGuinty was announcing his resignation as well as the prorogation of the Ontario legislature.  The Board’s attention quickly shifted to this topic, and subsequently to an off-topic discussion around who might be the next leader of the party. I suppose only time will tell! While this may mean the atmosphere and workings around the Legislature may change, I am confident that there will still be much to do in my placement as MPP Marchese is quite busy with his portfolios and projects. I am looking forward to learning more over the upcoming weeks as we all navigate through what is undoubtedly a very unique time at Queen’s Park. While this may be the last day the House sits this year, it is still our first day of intern placements, and for that and much more, this has truly been a day of firsts and lasts…


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