Hibah Kicks Off Her Placement In The Office Of MPP Bob Bailey

To suggest that it was an ‘eventful’ first day of placement would be a serious understatement.

As I walked into the office of MPP Bob Bailey (member for the riding of Sarnia-Lambton) that morning, I was greeted with friendliness and enthusiasm by Bob’s two staffers – Anthony and David (the latter being a former OLIP intern!). Although I had researched MPP Bob Bailey and his riding, I had a lot to learn about the issues that affect Sarnia-Lambton and Bob’s active, dedicated involvement in serving his local community since election in 2007.

I spent the morning learning as much about the riding as I could take in as David rattled off a wealth of knowledge about Sarnia-Lambton while still managing the busy office as Bob was Official Whip for the day. Anthony, much more stoic and quiet in temperament, was equally welcoming and helpful in grounding my understanding of the office and the work we would be doing.

Despite Bob’s busy schedule, I was able to meet and speak to him a few times that day. My initial judgement of him was not untrue. A jolly, humble, and overall good guy, I could instantly see why Bob would be representing the interests of his home riding.

The events of that day led David to predict that the House would be prorogued – and he was right! The Liberal “emergency caucus meeting” (with the media invited) that evening was where Premier McGuinty announced his resignation as well as prorogation of the House.

As an intern, although I was disappointed that the content of our internship would be changed as we would not be able to learn about legislative business firsthand for a little while, I could not believe that I was in the midst of an important time in history at the very site of the political action!

Although this does change the nature of our work as interns, I am excited about engaging in the non-legislative aspects at a Queen’s Park office during the upcoming months as part of a continuous journey in personal and professional growth.


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