OLIP Friday Followed By A Chili Lunch!

Recently,  we started a Friday morning with our first of several library training sessions, and we learned about how to pull information from Hansard and search the library indexes properly. It was a really useful session that I’m sure we’ll all put to good use in our placements. As well, developing these research skills will definitely come in handy when we start writing our academic papers later in the year (stay tuned for more on that in a little while)! We also learned that one of our sharp OLIP coordinators, Lorraine Luski, and her husband Rick Sage are master spelunkers! Who knew!

As exciting as it was, library training was not the moment we had been counting down to all week. What we were really looking forward to was finding out our placements! Gillian, the chair of our meeting, kept trying to move “placement update” higher on the agenda, but our OLIP enforcers were not having that. We can’t fool them. It felt like an episode of “How I Met Your Mother” where you keep getting your hopes up that you’re going to finally find out who Ted’s mom really is and then it keeps not happening. That show really dragged on. Anyways, at the end of our meeting, our fearless leader Dr. Jacek announced who we will spend our first placements with. We were all pretty psyched! Now that the rest of Ontario knows as well, we hope you enjoyed finding out, too!

To cap off the day, Lorraine and Rick had us over to their house to share some spelunking secrets stories over some seriously delicious chili and social beverages. Things got a little heated during the parlour games, which split the interns along government placements vs. opposition, but overall it was great to bond as a group and get to know Lorraine, Rick, and Dr. J better! Big thanks to Rick and Lorraine for hosting and making up three (that’s right: three!) different kinds of chili to taste. We’re all really looking forward to diving further into our placements in the coming weeks, though we’ll certainly miss the intern bonding days like this!


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