Gillian Is Off To Brock Vegas!

The first few weeks working for MPP Steve Clark have been great. I’m working on various different research areas that fit within his portfolio as PC Critic for Municipalities and Housing. One of my recent projects was organizing a town hall meeting in Brockville (“Brock Vegas” as MPP Clark likes to call it) on the Brighter Prospects Report from the Commission for the Review of Social Assistance in Ontario. MPP Toby Barrett and MPP Jim McDonnell attended and participated in the productive conversation.

It was great to head out east to Brockville since it is a part of Ontario I have never seen before. Prior to this internship the farthest east from Winnipeg that I had visited was Thunder Bay. Although rural Ontario is more hilly than rural Manitoba, it did remind me of home. It was also my first time travelling by train, so definitely a trip filled with new things! MPP Clark gave me the tour of Brockville, which is quite a historic town. I’m looking forward to going back and seeing more of the riding!


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