The Magazine: With Love, From Us To You!

By now you should have a copy of the latest edition of Queen’s Park Insider on your desk. And on your coffee table. And on your nightstand for bedtime reading. Or maybe that’s just me…

Well, after months of hard work from the interns and programme coordinators, we have a 24-page glossy of our very own, dedicated to describing the highlights of our experience at Queen’s Park so far. You’ve seen the headlines – we’ve written about our meetings with the three party leaders, the current and immediate past Speaker, all seven of Ontario’s Independent Officers, and our generous sponsors. We’ve also got two full pages of alumni updates and an alumni spotlight featuring three scholars and one star (specifically, a star of the screen and the stage; all our alumni are stars of course!).

Once you’ve leafed through the magazine so many times that you’re dizzy from seeing the interns walk up and down the Leg staircase in the flipbook on the corner of each page, and once you’ve read your copy carefully enough to know which alumnus is staring in the Toronto musical Snow White — or even if you haven’t spent quite so much time poring over it — feel free let us know your thoughts on the magazine. Please email me personally at leannakatz [at] hotmail [dot] com with any thoughts, I’d be happy to hear from you.

Happy Reading!

~2012-13 OLIP Magazine Editor, Leanna Katz


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