We Interrupt Our Regular Blogging Schedule For This Announcement…

The OLIP interns would like to add their name to the long list of those congratulating Premier Designate Kathleen Wynne on her leadership selection this weekend.

We had the opportunity to volunteer and observe this past weekend’s leadership convention. While all of us have paid attention to the various leadership contests (both provincial and federal) over the past number of years, none of us have ever actually been to a convention. While most of the leadership contests across the country have recently adopted the one-member-one-vote model, this weekend’s proceedings followed a delegated convention model. Many have speculated that this may be the last delegated convention in Canadian history, so it added to the historic outcome of the weekend.

As for how the selection of our next Premier might change the future of our placements, as we noted on that fateful October 15 evening, OLIP will still be here, working always and moving forward. Next week, from February 2 to February 9, we get a brief break from Toronto to travel north to Yellowknife, continuing our series of comparative visits to other legislatures outside of Ontario. Afterwards, we expect we’ll be moving into our second-term placements, as those of us in government offices move over to the opposition, and vice versa. Should the house return to sitting and prorogation end, you should all know we interns are here and raring to go!

Stay tuned to this page for more updates from our trip to Ottawa last month, and for some timely updates about our trip to Yellowknife next week! We’ll be shooting some video blogs throughout the week, which we think you’ll enjoy!


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