Maybe No Future In The Production Of Makeup!

At the beginning of December the interns made the trek up to Markham to meet with one of the program’s newest sponsors, Estee Lauder. I thought I knew a fair amount about the company from seeing their makeup in The Bay, Sears, and in magazines. Turns out we had a thing or two to learn about this successful multi-national.

Estee Lauder owns 27 different brands of makeup (including MAC, Clinique, Aveda, Bumble and Bumble, and Smash Box). None of us knew that Estee Lauder owned all of these brands since they kept the DNA of the brand of the company prior to acquiring them. We also learned that a large percentage of MAC products are manufactured here in Canada.  We learned about the issues the company faces within Canada, but also globally (trade barriers and counterfeits are the main ones).

After our discussion, we got a tour of the plant that manufactures MAC lipsticks. It was a large facility with various different production lines up and running. We got to see the process from start to finish, and even make our own! Lauren, Andrea and I got to pour the colour liquid into the moulds (which is where it became widely known that I would not be seeking employment in this line of work). I didn’t pour it right or my mould wasn’t sealed tight enough, but the lipsticks I created were quite porous. Not what you want in a lipstick. This is definitely more complicated than I expected! The other two turned out quite nicely. We had fun in the finishing process and we got to keep them!

Interns with finished lipstick! Thanks Estee Lauder!

Interns with finished lipstick! Thanks Estee Lauder!

We thank Estee Lauder for hosting us for the morning and their sponsorship. We greatly appreciated the tour of the factory and production experience!


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