Great Scott! Connor Joins The PCs

Just in time for all the legislative action, last week I started work in the office of MPP Laurie Scott, PC member for Haliburton – Kawartha Lakes – Brock. A nurse by profession, Laurie has been in and out of elected life since 2003, and is therefore a fountain of legislative lore. Her father was the seven-times-elected federal MP Bill Scott, making the Scotts a veritable institution in the riding.  Beyond its mouthful of syllables, Haliburton – Kawartha Lakes – Brock is a rural constituency, and will likely provide a rather different experience from my last placement in city slicker (and tersely labeled) Ottawa Centre.

With the legislature back in session, I look forward to more speechwriting, statement drafting, and general participation in the cut and thrust of a bustling chamber. I am particularly excited to be contributing to Laurie’s role as Natural Resources critic. This portfolio has yet to be covered in the Progressive Conservatives’ series of policy “White Papers”, which will hopefully provide me with an opportunity to contribute to whatever is in the works. For the next four months, I will be working closely with John Spink, Laurie’s veteran Executive Assistant. Both John and Laurie have gone above and beyond to make me a full member of the team, involving me in every meeting and discussion so far. I look forward to an eventful session!

Connor in her second placement with MPP Laurie Scott.

Connor in his second placement with MPP Laurie Scott.


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