Moving To The Opposition: Josh’s Second Placement

My second placement has gotten off to a terrific start. As you know, my first placement was with government-side Liberal MPP Kevin Flynn. I’ve now switched over to working for PC MPP for Barrie, Rod Jackson. Over the past many weeks, I’ve worked very closely with the indefatigable Rod and his equally energetic assistant Jane Kovarikova on a number of files. Most primary for in my work has been the Pan Am Games, for which Rod is the Critic. In this role, Rod is tasked with holding the government to account and ensuring that the Pan Am Games are run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Though the term ‘critic’ can be misleading, the sports fan Rod is always quick to remind me that we’re not opposed to the Pan Am Games themselves; we’re just working to make sure they run smoothly.

I sincerely appreciate the trust the office has put in me so far. I know that’s something all interns can echo across all placements – we’re here to work and experience a wide range of things, and it’s so great that our MPPs are not afraid to give us important and interesting tasks. I’ve had time to connect with stakeholders for Pan Am, write press releases, backgrounders, and even sit in on some of Rod’s meetings. The House coming back from prorogation is also a welcome change – in addition to working on his Critic portfolio, Rod has given me opportunities to write member’s statements, and speeches in the House. That first time you hear some of the words and language you wrote be spoken in the House is always a special one (if it ever happens, make sure you keep the Hansard for it, too!). Needless to say, this has been a great kick-off the second half of the internship, which has been consistently exciting all the way through, and I look forward to continuing work for Rod.

Joshua in his second placement with MPP Rod Jackson.

Joshua in his second placement with MPP Rod Jackson.


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