Learning From Our Past, And Looking To The Future With The Ontario Chamber Of Commerce

The interns recently had the pleasure of meeting with Allan O’Dette of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. Mr. O’Dette shared an inspiring talk with the interns, discussing Ontario’s economy, and an economic vision for the future. We were able to take a look at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s Transformative Agenda for Ontario, and discuss some of the issues presented. Mr. O’Dette admitted to us that we as future public policy makers and Ontarians are inheriting a less than ideal set of cards, especially with a budget deficit, massive gridlock throughout the GTA, and lagging productivity levels.

Even with these challenges, there is great hope for Ontario’s future according to Mr. O’Dette. We can confront these challenges and make Ontario a great place to do business, work and live. Some of the priorities to achieve these goals the Ontario Chamber of Commerce is suggesting are to foster a culture of innovation to improve productivity, improve workplace training, restoring fiscal balance, taking advantage of opportunities in the global economy and investing in our competitive advantages. These are all interesting proposals that had us thinking about Ontario’s economic future. We appreciated Mr. O’Dette’s positive outlook for our generation and our ability to tackle these issues, and left feeling motivated!

Interns with Allan O'Dette, of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

Interns with Allan O’Dette, of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.


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