Right Place At The Right Time: Interns Meet The Honourable Bill Davis

We recently had the opportunity and pleasure to sit down for an hour with former Premier, the Honourable Bill Davis. We had a lovely, candid conversation with Ontario’s last socialist premier (his words, not ours!).

One of the lessons he learned through his political career was that timing and opportunity are very important, but not always the same. He originally wanted to run federally but the timing wasn’t right, so he ended up running in the provincial election. You never know if the timing of certain opportunities is right, but he told us to take opportunity when it comes knocking at our door.

We talked about various issues that Mr. Davis had to handle throughout his political career including the funding of Catholic schools, the creation of 3 new universities, the patriation of Canada’s constitution, and his thoughts on what the average voter in Ontario needs.

Interns with former Premier Bill Davis.

Interns with former Premier Bill Davis.

We are quite fortunate to have had the chance to meet with Honourable Davis. He was engaging and had a lot of knowledge to bestow upon us. We thank him for his time and we quite enjoyed the meeting!


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