“That Could Be Me One Day…”: Checking In With OLIP Alum

We’ve had a chance to connect with former OLIP’ers at receptions and other events and it’s always great to see where OLIP alumni end up. We’ve also had some more in depth meetings with a few of our alumni and they are always a great source of information, advice, and entertainment!

On December 14, 2012 we met with Meghan Warby from the 2005-06 cohort. Meghan is currently the Lead of the Social Media Strategy for the Government of Ontario. Talk about a cool job! She has a communications background and has done some consulting as well, so it was very cool to get advice from her.

Interns with alum Meghan Warby.

Interns with alum Meghan Warby.

On December 17, we talked to an intern from 1993-94, Philip Bousquet. Philip is the Manager of Industrial and Government Relations for the Ontario Mining Association. It was neat to learn more about such a major Ontario industry and to hear about working for an association where you have to balance the needs and views of your membership.

Interns with alum Philip Bousquet.

Interns with alum Philip Bousquet.

In the New Year we talked to Jason Lagerquist who was an intern in 2006-07. Jason is currently the Policy and Stakeholder Advisor for the Minister of Agriculture, who also just happens to be the Premier. It was interesting to learn about the transition to a new leader from someone within the party.

Interns with alum Jason Lagerquist.

Interns with alum Jason Lagerquist.

The next week we met with 2 very cool alumni back-to-back. First up was Brandy Giannetta from 1999-2000, the Ontario Regional Director of the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA). She talked to us about representing an industry that has been embroiled in controversy in Ontario, yet is established and accepted in other parts of the country. It was very interesting to learn more about an issue that is so divisive, especially in rural Ontario.

Interns with alum Brandy Giannetta.

Interns with alum Brandy Giannetta.

Finally, we talked to Dan O’Brien from the 2005-06 cohort who is the Deputy Chief of Staff for the Ontario NDP Caucus. The interns who have worked for NDP members know Dan well from work in their offices. Other than working for the Ontario NDP, Dan had a few stints outside Queen’s Park doing policy work for ACTRA and Communications for the Motion Picture Association of Canada. It was fun to hear about the third party’s perspective.

Interns with alum Dan O'Brien.

Interns with alum Dan O’Brien.

All of our alumni are doing interesting work in a wide variety of organizations. It’s great to hear from them, get some advice, and to think about where we’ll end up. Thanks again to all our alumni!


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