A Meeting With House of Representatives Minority Leader Tracy Maxwell Heard

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Tracy Maxwell Heard, the Minority Leader of the Ohio House of Representatives. Having previously served as the Minority Whip, Assistant Majority Leader and as the Majority Leader, it was fascinating to track Ms. Heard’s dynamic legislative career path and the various leadership roles she has assumed and continues to take on in her last term as Minority Leader. Ms. Heard displayed her effectiveness in discussing strategies to keep order and harmony within her party.

A strong advocate for equity, Ms. Heard also spoke of her leadership positions within the Ohio Legislative Women’s Caucus and the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus. A supporter of the ‘Ready for Hillary’ campaign, Ms. Heard also spoke of her relationship with national politics.

Prior to politics, Ms. Heard has been the executive director for a not-for-profit organization, a community developer, an auditor for a bank, and a former ABC News anchor, among other things. A jack of all trades, Ms. Heard stated she feels comfortable wherever she is making a positive change.

Thank you Tracy Maxwell Heard for sharing your insight and vision with us!


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