Certified General Accountants of Ontario Treat OLIP to Lunch

CGAO Photo

Considering the excitement of the first four days of our internship, we expected nothing less than that on the fifth day. Our expectations were met when we had the opportunity to attend another very insightful and informative meeting with Mr. Ted Wigdor, Vice President, Government and Corporate Affairs, for the Certified General Accounts of Ontario (CGA). Mr. Wigdor explained that there are over 75,000 CGAs and students around the world, with approximately 30,000 of those individuals in Ontario alone. We came to understand that the CGA does “see more than numbers”, and that there are a considerable number of benefits to being a member of their organization.

While we had numerous questions considering that many of us were not quite as well-versed in the area of accounting, Mr. Wigdor provided a strong foundation of information. This included a discussion of the various departments that the CGA interacts with, the difference between professional accounting designations in Canada, as well as the main focus and strategies utilized by the CGA. We would like to thank Mr. Wigdor for his hospitality, and providing an enjoyable lunch and departing gift for each intern. It was an informative afternoon, and we are so happy to have had the opportunity to visit such a valuable sponsor of OLIP.

By Vanessa Dupuis



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