OLIP Learns About Mining at Vale

We met with Brian Huston, John Mullally and Audrey LeDuc from Vale Canada on Monday.  Vale has been an ongoing and generous lead sponsor of the OLIP program. My grandfather worked at Vale, then known as Inco, so this meeting was especially interesting to me.

At the meeting we got a comprehensive overview of the company and the mining industry. Vale employs 4000 people in Ontario, and 7000 total across the country, with operations in Sudbury, Port Colbourne, Voisey Bay and Thompson.  As with all Vale meetings, they started off with a risk management share. Since it’s back to school season, Brian underscored that drivers be extra aware of children crossing the street.

Vale concentrates a lot of effort into corporate responsibility and sustainability. It was fascinating to hear about their partnerships with universities and government into research for environmental reclamation. Another big part of sustainability is their focus on building viable communities, like they do in Sudbury. Part of this commitment to community building is exemplified in their support of programs like OLIP. We consider ourselves lucky to have Vale as a sponsor!

By Jessica Behnke

Vale Photo


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