OLIP Meets With New Auditor General

On Thursday, September 12 OLIP travelled to the office of the provincial Auditor General.  The Auditor General acts as a very necessary check on the spending power of the government. Meeting the newly appointed provincial auditor (on her ninth day on the job) was a privilege and learning more about what her role entails was a fascinating lesson on the Office of the Auditor General, provincial spending, and, more broadly, Independent Officers of the Legislature.

Auditor General, Bonnie Lysyk, was both accommodating and informative in our meeting at her office outside of Yonge-Dundas Square. Lysyk was accompanied by her lieutenant, Gary Peall. The lessons Ms. Lysyk brought to her presentation from her time as the Auditor General complemented the Ontario-specific details Mr. Peall contributed. The two of them walked us through the variety of roles that their office is tasked with, focussing especially on Value for Money audits (known in other provinces as ‘Performance Audits’), which were a special point of pride for the two.

The meeting with the Auditor-General provided a very interesting contrast to our meeting with another Independent Officer, the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth, as well as out other meetings later that day with the Environmental Commissioner and the Privacy Commissioner. All four of them fulfill critical roles in the accountability of the government and were all a pleasure to meet with.

By Douglas Wong

Auditor General Photo


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