Todd Decker Makes Time for OLIP

Watching Question Period in our first few days of starting OLIP got us curious about the intricacies of working in the Chamber.  We were delighted to have the opportunity to speak with a true veteran, Mr. Todd Decker, Deputy Clerk and Executive Director of the Legislative Services Division.

We were curious to know how Mr. Decker came into the profession, as there are no university courses, let alone degrees, that specifically train a person to become a non-partisan expert in parliamentary procedure.  It was interesting to learn that Mr. Decker started as a Committee Clerk straight after graduating from Waterloo’s co-op program and learned everything about his profession on the job.  We also learned about Mr. Decker’s marathon nine day sitting in the Chamber, his experience training new MPPs, and the formal rules of Question Period.  Most of all, we enjoyed Mr. Decker’s genuine enthusiasm for his job.  He said that it never gets boring and he looks forward to each new parliament because the atmosphere is different every time.  Although we have only been here for a couple of weeks, we certainly feel a similar sense of excitement about working at the Legislature!

Thank you Mr. Decker for meeting with us and we look forward to seeing you around Queen’s Park.

By Taylor Lew

Todd Decker Photo


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