Deloitte’s Paul Macmillan Discusses New Book

Last week the interns met with Mr. Paul Macmillan from Deloitte. He explained the complex relationship between business and government, specifically related to the role of consultants in providing expertise and resources where the government may lack the capacity to do so otherwise. Mr. Macmillan emphasized that consultants must have the analytical skills to identify a problem and the cause in an effort to identify a potential solution for a client. It became quite apparent that Deloitte plays an integral role in many government projects across a number of different areas.
The interns were also fortunate to have had a quick overview of the main points in Mr. Macmillan’s new book, co-authored by colleague William D. Eggers, “The Solution Revolution: How business, government, and social enterprises are teaming up to solve society’s toughest problems”. He so generously provided us with a few copies of the book so that we could have the opportunity to read and review his first publication. We look forward to reading it, and appreciate Mr. Macmillan taking the time to come in and speak with us. A special note about this meeting that we wish to include is that former OLIP Intern Sasha Tregebov was recently hired by Deloitte and attended the meeting!
Deloitte Photo

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