Robert Benzie Opens Up to OLIP

Robert Benzie from the Toronto Star met with the interns on the morning of September 20th. It was an engaging and enjoyable meeting for us all! Mr. Benzie was a candid and insightful speaker who we learned a lot from. He spoke of his own career path working with different media outlets as well as the role of media in politics and where he believes print journalism is heading. The interns bombarded him with questions and we thank him for his honest and fascinating answers!

Our meeting with Robert Benzie was certainly useful in preparing us for our time here at the Ontario Legislative Assembly as well as for any future jobs we may have. He stressed that “information is the currency we all use” at Queen’s Park and how we interns have a unique opportunity to learn from and soak in everything that will be going on around us. He also expressed how important ones reputation and their trustworthiness is to their continued success in media, politics and all facets of life.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to meet with us Mr. Benzie. We look forward to seeing you around the Pink Palace!

Robert Benzie Photo


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