Ryan Clarke Offers Advice on Advocacy to OLIP

The interns were thrilled to meet with Ryan Clarke from Advocacy Solutions. We have been attending many meetings over the past two weeks and have received incredible advice and insight from them. This meeting was no exception!

Mr. Clarke started off with a hilarious, yet accurate analogy of how our advocacy abilities peak when we are two-years-old (think of a toddler asking for orange juice). His job now is to train people to relearn those skills and be an effective advocate for themselves, their organization and their cause. He walked us through his fascinating career path which involves working as a family lawyer, in a Minister’s Office, and as a lobbyist for a pharmaceutical company. Now he combines his experience and best practices in those three fields to help people navigate through the complicated process of advocacy.

Thank you for meeting with the 2013/2014 OLIP interns! Your advice particularly on “aiming for the tangible” while formulating an “ask” is just one of the many useful suggestions that will make a big difference to how interns approach advocacy in the future. We truly appreciated our dynamic meeting!


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