Former Intern Meghan Warby Speaks to Interns

One would think it would get boring continually meeting with OLIP alumni. A few tales of their placements, a funny anecdote and maybe a story about one of their trips. Rinse, later, repeat…yawn. However, this could not be further from the truth!! Most of us count the alumni meetings as some of favourites of all-time. We love the candid advice they give, the hilarious anecdotes they share, and most of all, we love hearing how incredibly successful they are. Therefore, true to form, our meeting with former OLIP intern Meghan Warby did not disappoint!

Meghan is currently employed in the Ontario Public Service as a Lead for their Social Media Strategy. Her job is one-of-a-kind and she is responsible for coordinating social media and digital communications for all ministries within the Government of Ontario. Meghan has had an incredibly interesting career trajectory, beginning from her interest in culture policy and a stint with the federal government at Heritage Canada, a brief stop-over with some music foundations and festivals, and even some dabbling in lobbying and consulting.

Our meeting with Meghan was instructional for various reasons. Firstly, it showed us that there is no such thing as a linear career path and rather, the various twists and turns you take often make you incredibly interesting. Secondly, amassing a diversified skill set can make you incredibly valuable to an employer. But thirdly (and most importantly) it proved that bureaucrats can be funny, dynamic and interesting. As many of us are considering the public service as a possible career choice, I know we all found this reassuring.

Despite almost breaking the table in our attempts to take a fun picture, I think we would all agree that the meeting was a categorical success.

Thanks Meghan for continuing to inspire the current batch of OLIP interns!



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