Legislative Clerk Deb Deller Shares Wisdom With Interns

Our meeting with Deb Deller reminded me that listening is an often underused and underestimated mode of learning. Ms. Deller spent much of her career listening intently to the needs of the members of parliament and granting non-partisan advice based on these needs. She also provides procedural advice to the Speaker. Ms. Deller has witnessed numerous shifts in government and thoroughly described how proceedings have changed over time. We were very grateful for her advice on offering non-partisan responses and how to be helpful in our placements by ensuring that any questions we prepare coincide with allotted time frame and are clear and concise. She also gave us some interesting potential topics for our upcoming papers. It was wonderful to spend time with you Ms. Deller and we appreciate you taking the time to impart some of the admirable amount of wisdom you possess to us!

Deb Deller Photo


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