Tim Hudak Makes Time for OLIP

The OLIP interns are fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with all three official political party leaders at the Ontario Legislative Assembly during our orientation period. On September 25th we were thrilled to meet  the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, Tim Hudak.

Mr. Hudak gave us an hour of time out of his hectic schedule (so busy that he had to step out for five minutes unexpectedly to vote in the house!) to candidly answer our questions and tell personal anecdotes of his experiences at Queen’s Park. He answered our questions regarding lessons learned from the past election campaign, MPP demeanor in the house, and where he hopes to take the PCPO and Ontario in the future, just to list a few. Mr. Hudak joked about his “wicked streak” of having OLIP interns choose him as their placement before he became leader and jokingly lobbied us to change the OLIP rules to let him have an intern again. He even unveiled his old fantasy wrestling nickname – we’ll keep that as our secret for now.


Thank you Mr. Hudak for an energetic and engaging meeting with the 2013/2014 OLIP interns!



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