Ministry of Natural Resources Welcomes OLIP

Today we had a very informative tour of the Ministry of Natural Resources. The interns were hosted by Hussein Aboghodieh, who arranged for us to meet with a number of employees within the Ministry. Minister Orazietti was away visiting the riding while we were there, but Hussein gave us a tour of his office and an overview of the current priorities of the Ministry of Natural Resources. Michael, the Chief of Staff, came into the Minister’s office to give us a short briefing of the office prior to our tour. Andrew, the Press Secretary and issues manager, filled us in on the prominent issue of bears in the North as a result of the upcoming hunting season. Next, we were introduced to Christine, who clearly demonstrated her passion for forestry and caribou migration. Jennifer was the MPP Liaison, and explained how she interacts with and answers questions from various members. We met Diana who is the communications advisor and is involved in being proactive when it comes to media and briefings for the Minister. Finally, we spoke with the Legislative Assistant, Jessie, who arrived at the end of our tour since she had been attending Question Period.

We appreciate Hussein setting up the meeting with us, and we can say that we learned a lot from each of the individuals we had the opportunity to meet. It was the first Ministry tour for the OLIP Interns, and we appreciate the Ministry of Natural Resources taking the time to share their insights.


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