Aaron Joins John Fraser’s Office

I was thrilled last week to be joining the office of Liberal MPP for Ottawa South, John Fraser.  While Mr. Fraser was elected in the most recent summer by-election, he brings a wealth of experience having served as former Premier Dalton McGuinty’s right hand man for the last 14 years in Ottawa South.  While Mr. Fraser was in Ottawa for constituency week when I first arrived, his Legislative Assistant Elise made me feel right at home in my new office.  After she informed me that her and Mr. Fraser were avid Seinfeld fans, I knew I was in the right place.

Mr. Fraser serves at the Parliamentary Assistant to both the Minister of Northern Development and Mines and the Minister of Natural Resources.  Additionally, he serves on both the General Government and Regulations and Private Members Bills committees.  As a result, I have already been put to work on a number of tasks including research, speech writing, and constituency case work.  Mr. Fraser has also allowed me the opportunity to sit in on ministerial briefings and meetings with key stakeholders.  I am looking forward to working for Mr. Fraser and Elise for the next four months and visiting Ottawa South to meet the rest of his team.




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