The Frost Building: Cold in Name but Not Personality

When I entered the Frost Building on the first day of my placement I was nervous but excited. I had no idea what to expect of life in the office of Steven Del Duca, who is the MPP for Vaughan and the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Finance. I was unsure if I would be able to meet the expectations of the staff, be entrusted with meaningful tasks, or whether or not my colleagues would be wary of welcoming of me. It didn’t help that the building itself, especially the Finance Minister’s floor (which I am very appreciative to be on) is as secure as Fort Knox.

One week later I can proudly say that my concerns were completely unfounded. Steven Del Duca and his staff at Queen’s Park, Najva Amin and Andrea Ernesaks (a former OLIPr herself), have welcomed me into their office family with open arms and I could not be more grateful. Our finance portfolio combined with Mr. Del Duca’s devotion to his constituency means that we are always firing on all cylinders. I am appreciative to have already been given the opportunity to attend many high profile meetings, round tables, and work on important projects. There is never a dull moment! I love walking into work everyday knowing that I’m going to learn something substantial, all the while laughing and having fun.

Thank you Team Del Duca for your patience, support, and outgoingness. I am excited to see where the next few months take us!



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