OLIP Meets with NDP Status of Women Critic Niki Ashton

During our trip to Ottawa we had the pleasure of meeting with NDP MP Niki Ashton.  Ms. Ashton represents the riding of  Churchill, Manitoba and is the NDP Status of Women Critic.  The riding of Churchill is the 4th largest geographically in Canada and is known for its polar bears.

Elected in 2008 at the age of 26, Ms. Ashton spoken passionately about the challenges facing women and youth both in politics and in the larger Canadian context. She shared details of her initial involvement in politics, her 2006 election loss, and the importance of “learning more from losing than winning”.

A number of interns had the opportunity to attend a committee further into the trip which was investigating abuse against Aboriginal woman.  As a member of said committee, the interns were able to watch Ms. Ashton in action and even had the opportunity for a follow up discussion with her after the proceedings had finished.

We would like to thank Ms. Ashton and her staff for taking the time to meet with OLIP.



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