Repairing the Party, Bloc by Bloc

There aren’t a lot of sovereignists at Queen’s Park. Not even really in Toronto, or most of Southern Ontario. But the further you go east and the closer you get to Quebec, the more you start to see hints of the province, of its people, its culture, and its struggles.

It almost comes to a crescendo, being in Ottawa. Aside from the widespread bilingualism in the city, the number of separatists (at least those who are elected) increases in the city. On the Tuesday of the trip, we were able to sit down with a captain in the movement, Bloc Quebecois leader, Daniel Paille.

The conversation focused on two topics: the state of the separatist movement and the rebuilding of the party after their dramatic defeat in the 2011 federal election.

Paille touched on a number of issues, starting with his leadership victory and the development of a financial strategy to return to viability to the reconstruction of a support base in the province now represented largely by the New Democrats.

On the issue of a renewed sovereignist campaign, Paille was optimistic and only requested that his side be given an opportunity to demonstrate their support.

While separation is a touchy issue, especially in as symbolic a city as Ottawa, the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Paille was much appreciated.

daniel paille


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