The Right Medicine—The Interns Meet Russell Williams from Rx&D

The interns were excited to meet Russell Williams, the President of Rx&D, a research-based pharmaceutical company. However, initially we were worried we wouldn’t be able to keep up with Mr. Williams’ knowledge about the current medical landscape. However we soon found out that prior to joining Rx&D, Mr. Williams had a successful career in provincial politics, so we knew we would have some common ground.

 Prior to joining Rx&D, Mr. Williams represented the Montreal riding of Nelligan in the National Assembly of Quebec.  Mr. Williams provided a political context and described what it was like working as a Liberal in Quebec right after the passage of the Sign Law.

 Some of his highlights during his tenure as a Liberal MNA include receiving compensation for victims of the contaminated blood scandal and assisting in building a large palliative care centre.

 Mr. Williams explained that one of his concerns is that both Ontario and Canada are falling behind in healthcare research and the steps that need to be taken to improve the current landscape in order to enact better policy decisions.

 Mr. Williams provided us with many interesting thoughts and surely made understand the importance of healthcare research in Ontario. Thanks for helping the OLIP interns broaden their policy horizons, Mr. Williams! 



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